Basic Sustainability Policy

Under the Group philosophy “Leverage the power of people to deliver the earth’s resources in more useful forms and contribute to the happiness of humankind,” our stated long-term vision is to be “a comprehensive materials company that co-creates a sustainable, recycling-oriented society,” and the Group has positioned securing a management platform able to adapt to changes in the business environment, contributing to the SDGs, and achieving carbon neutrality as material issues for the Group. We are working to grow into a sustainable company and heighten corporate value, while devoting all our efforts to realize a sustainable society and environment.

Material Issues (Materiality)
Restructuring of ferronickel production and sales systems with emphasis on profitability
  1. Affordable and clean energy
  2. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  3. Responsible consumption and production
  4. Partnerships for the goals
1 Establishment of optimal production system by reviewing production strategy
  1. •Establish optimal production system to further strengthen the platform.
2 Strengthening of cost competitiveness by reviewing procurement strategy
  1. •Review and strengthen procurement strategies for fuels and other raw materials, according the highest priority to cost competitiveness.
Acceleration of consideration of expansion into overseas smelting business
  1. Decent work and economic growth
  2. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  3. Reduced inequalities
  4. Responsible consumption and production
  5. Partnerships for the goals
3 Promotion and production start-up of overseas smelting projects
  1. •Establish optimal ferronickel production and sales system by combining domestic and overseas smelting operations.
Creation of new businesses that contribute to society
  1. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  2. Responsible consumption and production
  3. Climate action
4 Promotion of production and sales of raw materials for LIB materials
  1. •Create a business to manufacture and sell raw materials for LIB materials by utilizing hydrometallurgical technologies.
Diversification of business in Japan to contribute to a recycling-oriented society
  1. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  2. Sustainable cities and communities
  3. Responsible consumption and production
  4. Climate action
  5. Life on land
5 Restructuring of recycling business
  1. •Promote restructuring of our recycling business through collaboration with other companies, etc.
Enhancement of corporate value by addressing sustainability issues
  1. No poverty
  2. Good health and well-being
  3. Quality education
  4. Affordable and clean energy
  5. Decent work and economic growth
  6. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  7. Reduced inequalities
  8. Sustainable cities and communities
  9. Responsible consumption and production
  10. Climate action
  11. Life below water
  12. Life on land
  13. Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  14. Partnerships for the goals
6 Sustainability Promotion Council
  1. •Positioning the response to climate change and the realization of a sustainable society as the most important management issue, promote specific measures across PAMCO, including discussions on medium- to long-term initiatives and directions concerning material sustainability issues.
7 Reduction of GHG emissions
  1. •To achieve carbon neutrality by FY2050, implement measures with clear targets, including use of carbon-free energy and introduction of new technologies.
8 Promotion of symbiosis by contributing to the development of regions and resource-rich countries
  1. •Promote symbiosis through activities that contribute to the development of the region and resource-rich countries.
9 Promotion of constructive dialogue with stakeholders
  1. •Disclose operating and financial conditions in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner, and actively communicate and promote constructive dialogue on the market environment and our unique strengths.

Various Initiatives